Choosing a floor for the bedroom is not such an easy task. But the correct choice gives an up for this very special space. The market offers many types of floors and it is necessary to evaluate calmly and see what best meets your needs: carpet, wood, vinyl, among others. But remember: when choosing the right floor for your room, think about need, beauty, practicality and durability in the finish. Check out some tips and find out what suits you best, choose Hardwood refinishing in Fernandina Beach


The wooden floor is very traditional and elegant, in addition it provides thermal comfort, beauty and sophistication to the environments. The most used models are: flooring, tacos and parquet, differing from each other by the width and composition of the pieces. Solid wood flooring is stronger and therefore more expensive. One advantage is that, after years of use, it can be revitalized and still look like new flooring.

Timeless, durable and versatile flooring, accepting all types of decoration, being welcoming and cozy.
Before installing wooden floors, it is important to take care of waterproofing the subfloor, as it is through this that the wood can come into contact with moisture.

Old taco or parquet floors are considered jewels and add value to the property.
2 daysAverage time to complete the job.


Laminate flooring is resistant, practical and has a great cost-benefit ratio. In addition, it is recommended for those who suffer from allergies to dust, as it does not accumulate dirt. It’s easy to clean, just a damp cloth with neutral detergent diluted in water. Silicone or wax-based products are not welcome, as they can stain and grease the coating. The piece, made up of blades, can be found in different colors, with or without textures and options with and without a crease. Also among its advantages is its quick and simple application, and can be installed over an existing floor.

Product with click system, which can be installed in commercial or residential environments. Before installing laminate floors, make sure the subfloor is level, free of moisture and imperfections.
Laminate floors can be applied over other floors such as: ceramic, vinyl, wood and cement – as long as they are in perfect condition.

Cold floor

The most common types of tiled floors are porcelain and ceramic. They have several advantages: durability, resistance to water and bacteria, they can have a useful life of more than 20 years and are available on the market in various sizes, colors, thicknesses and textures. In addition, in drier and hotter climates, the tiled floor helps to keep the room temperature cooler. Because it is a durable floor, its value is considered a good investment compared to other more expensive types of flooring. Its maintenance is also simple, just sweep the floor and clean it with a damp cloth and detergent. The downside is that falling objects can chip or break this type of flooring, in addition to making noise when walking.

They can perfectly reproduce different types of materials such as wood, marble, tiles, among others.
Large pieces are ideal for reduced spaces, the larger the piece, the wider the environment appears to be.
After laying, the floor must dry for at least 72 hours before grouting is done. And the materials and finishes quoted here are of an intermediate standard.


Vinyl flooring is easy to install, does not cause allergies, absorbs noise well and has thermal characteristics that add pleasant temperatures to environments. In addition, it is very easy to clean, it can be washed with water , it is very resistant, highly durable, soft, flameproof and does not retain dust. When installing, it does not stain and placement is quick and easy. The vinyl can be applied directly to the subfloor, cemented, ceramics and other materials. Caution: sharp objects and heels can compromise the quality of the product.

With a click system, the application is quick and it has a more rigid finish, resistant to marks. Price includes footers.
Easy maintenance and cleaning floor, as it does not retain dust.
Its installation requires a subfloor or existing floor that is well leveled and without ripples. Because this floor has a thinner thickness and any imperfection becomes visible.
2 daysAverage time to complete the job.

Burnt cement

Cement is on the rise, present in modern projects, it gives a minimalist look and refers to the industrial decor of contemporary lofts, and you can also put it in your bedroom. This floor is very durable and quite resistant, and it is very difficult to damage it. Its maintenance is easy and you can apply a liquid wax every 5 months or so. In everyday life, water with some neutral detergent is more than enough. It is a very hard and cold floor and this can cause some discomfort, especially on freezing days.