Discover the advantages of a glass pool + 22 images to inspire you

With the arrival of spring and summer, swimming pools are back in the spotlight when it comes to leisure. Currently, several types of materials appear on the market to make this dream increasingly accessible. Vinyl, glass, tiles, PVC, tablets and even sand are some of the materials that can be used to make your coating. With an infinity edge, waterfalls, organic shapes and non-obvious colors, the design and tools used to build a swimming pool have achieved significant improvements due to the use of new technologies, allowing the consumer the most diverse combinations, when choosing a glass wall art

Foto: Technical Glass Group
When it comes to glass pools, it’s not just about tough glass. With specific features such as fittings, glues and assembly, these pools need a professional to dimension the sheets and correctly apply the glass. To withstand water pressure, the glass sheets – tempered and laminated – are reinforced, equivalent to the glass used in armored cars.

Did you know that pools must be filled for 7 days before applying any liner? In the case of glass pools, a tightness test is carried out after the glass has been placed and waterproofed, in which the pool receives water and is monitored from time to time to check for leaks.

Advantages of glass pool
Aesthetics: glass pools bring a different and sophisticated look to any project, especially when they appear as an aquarium and are visible in other rooms of the house.

No contraindications: the glass pool is democratic and adapts to any project. Even on land with unevenness it is possible to install it. As a precaution, make sure the pool’s installation location supports the full weight of the project.

Durability: due to the characteristics of the glass, which has great flexibility, the glass pool easily adapts to all types of weather. Therefore, it can be used in winter or summer without any problem.

Maintenance: Glass pools are easy to maintain, requiring little maintenance. With a smooth surface, the accumulation of dirt is smaller and, therefore, cleaning is simple to carry out. Furthermore, glass does not require specific chemical treatments, which makes its maintenance even easier and cheaper.

Safety: glass is a smooth and resistant material, with a low probability of cracks and cracks on the edges and along its length compared to vinyl, for example. This makes it one of the safest materials to use in swimming pool projects.

Colors and more colors…
What gives color to glass pools are the coatings on the bottom and concrete walls, which can be tiles, inserts, tiles, among other materials. Although the main colors used for these projects are blue and green, it is possible to build pools in many other colors.